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Will Carpenter has the commitment, experience and accountability that Kansans want and need.  Will has been an active community member and volunteer for more than 20 years.  Will has enjoyed serving in various capacities in community service along with many other dedicated community volunteers.  Will's experience includes serving on the Board of Commissioners for Butler County, Kansas for two terms.  Will has been a small business and investment property owner for the past 25 years and Will served eight years as a Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks Commissioner.

Will's Newsletter

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About Will

Will and his wife, Ann, have been married 29 years.  The couple has three children: Clair, Abby and Asa - Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, currently stationed in Seoul, South Korea.  In addition to their children, the Carpenters enjoy three grandchildren - Jack, Hayden & Afton   Ann works as an Administrator for the Juvenile Justice Administration and the couple owns Wilbur's Market in Potwin, Kansas and El Dorado Lakeside Storage.  The Carpenter's also own a car wash in Towanda and have previously owned other small, hometown markets in cities throughout south central Kansas.

Experience Counts!

Experience, dedication and commitment are just a few of the traits that Kansans can count on with Will Carpenter working for them.  Some of Will's past leadership roles include:

Where Does Will Stand On Issues That Affect Me?

Economic Development:  As a small business owner and operator, Will understands the need to promote and expand business to create jobs and grow the economy.

Energy Independence:  Kansas needs a comprehensive energy plan.  As your Representative, Will is dedicated to researching all options in regards to energy: coal, nuclear, solar and wind.

Conservation:  As a lifelong hunter and statewide leader in conservation efforts, Will understands the need to protect our natural resources while supporting efforts to meet our nation's energy demands.

Voting Information

November 6, 2012 will be the General Election.  We encourage everyone to get out and vote!  For more information on voting in Butler County, visit http://www.bucoks.com/electionoffice/election.htm.


  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce
  • Butler County Farm Bureau
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